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Celebrate SBI customers! The bank will send home 20 thousand rupees, know the whole process

Celebrate SBI customers! The bank will send home 20 thousand rupees, know the whole process

State Bank of India has given a big gift to its 440 million customers. The bank will now send 20000 rupees to your home. 
  • SBI launches new service due to Corona
  • SBI's Door Step Banking Service
  • Withdraw up to 20,000 money sitting at home
State Bank has given great good news to its customers. Many special facilities are being provided to the customers by the bank. Now the bank has launched a doorstep banking facility for customers in the Cora crisis. With this feature you no longer have to go anywhere to withdraw cash. Money can be withdrawn from home. And can also be credited. Many features related to pay orders, new checkbooks, new checkbook revocation slips are now being offered to you sitting at home.

Under SBI Doorstep Banking facility, the minimum limit is Rs. 1,000 and the maximum limit is Rs. 20,000. You must have sufficient bank balance in your bank account before requesting for cash withdrawal. Failure to do so may result in transaction cancellation.

SBI tweeted the information

SBI wrote in its official Twitter that your bank is now at your doorstep. Register today for Doorstep Banking. You can click this link for more information.

Features of SBI Doorstep Banking

For this, registration has to be done in Bom branch.

Until the facility is completed at the contact center, the application has to be made at the home branch.

There is a maximum of Rs 20,000 for both depositing and withdrawing money.

The service charge for each non-finance transaction is Rs 60 + GST ​​while for financial transactions it is Rs 100 + GST.

A passbook along with a check and withdrawal form will be required for withdrawal.

These people will not get the facility

Joint Account, Minor Account, if Non-Personal Account, Customers whose registered address is within 5 km radius of Home Branch will not be given this facility.

How much will the charge be?

Doorstep banking will charge Rs 75 + GST ​​charge for financial and non-financial services.

These numbers can also be contacted

One can register for the doorstep banking service through the bank's mobile application, website or call center. In addition, calls can be made to the toll free number 1800111103 between 9 am and 4 pm on working days. Customers can visit for more information about SBI Doorstep Banking Service.

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