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Book in 10 thousand This excellent car, two wheels front and one rear, will cut in just 40 paise a kilometer

Book in 10 thousand This excellent car, two wheels front and one rear, will cut in just 40 paise a kilometer

The common man is unhappy with the price of petrol and diesel. Electric cars are on the rise. At the same time, a Mumbai-based startup has come up with an electric car, which the company says is the cheapest electric car in the world.

This electric car is brought by Storm Motors, and is named Storm R3. The company has started booking it in India. The Storm R3 can be booked in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR with an initial payment of just Rs 10,000.

Actually the car has three wheels, but it doesn't look like three wheels, it doesn't have one wheel in the front and three wheels in the back. It is quite the opposite. It has two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear. This small three-wheeled car is said to be the cheapest electric car in the world.

At the same time, its booking will be open for the next few weeks. Initial customers will benefit from an upgrade of Rs 50,000, which includes customized color options, a premium audio system and free maintenance for three years.

The company has said that the Storm R3 can run up to 200 km on a single charge. It is powered by a 4G connected diagnostic engine, which will tell the driver the location of the track and the position of the charge.

However, according to the company, delivery of these two-seater electric cars will start from 2022 on booking this year. According to media reports, the company has so far booked about 165 units of the Rs 7.5 crore car. This is a four day figure.

Apart from Delhi and Mumbai, bookings will soon start in other cities as well. It costs four and a half lakh rupees.
In fact, the company says the car is primarily designed for people who want to travel a radius of 10 to 20 kilometers per day. The cost of driving this car will be barely 40 paise per kilometer. The car will be brought in three variants.

For information, let me tell you that Storm Motors was started in the year 2016. The company has a plant at Kashipur in Uttarakhand with a production capacity of 500 units per month. The cost of riding this car will also be very affordable. The company claims that its maintenance is 80% cheaper than regular cars.
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