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Big news for Google Pay users! Now money can be sent directly from America

Big news for Google Pay users! Now money can be sent directly from America

So far, money can be sent anywhere in the country through Google Pay. At the same time, users of America will also be able to send money to Indian users through Google Pay. The company says that the service could start by the end of this year.

Online transactions are being carried out more during the Corona era. Meanwhile, Google Pay is good news for users. Actually, there is going to be a new feature add in this app with millions of users. With the help of which anyone in the US can now send money directly from your Google Pay. Google has joined hands with the popular money transfer company Western Union (Western Union) and Wise for this special service. With this help, Google Pay users will be able to send money directly from the US to other Google Pay users in India and Singapore. Until now, this service worked only within the country. Currently, Indian users of this application cannot transfer money to the US. This is how it will work

Google Pay, along with Western Union and Wise, has added a new integration ad to the app, in which users will be able to choose the service provider to their liking. According to Google Pay Product Manager Viola Gauci, at the end of this year, we are expecting Google Pay users in the US to go through Western Union in more than 200 countries around the world and Wise in over 80 countries Will be able to transfer funds through

Free service will be available till 16 June

Google believes that by June 16, Western Union will provide unlimited free service for money transfer through Google Pay. While Wise will offer new customers up to $ 500 free for the first transfer.

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