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Why Kanyapujan and fasting should be done in Navratri

Why Kanyapujan and fasting should be done in Navratri?

નવરાત્રી : ધર્મ પાછળનું વિજ્ઞાન

Why is a kalash installed at the beginning of worship?

Why does Navratri come at the twilight of seasons?

Why did Goddess Durga incarnate?
This is a great festival to show respect to women. The lesson of this feast is that no woman should ever be disrespected. Lord Shiva and Vishnu could not slay Mahishasur. The work that the gods could not do was done by Goddess Durga.

This month is going on and the significance of this month's Navratri is greater than the other three Navratri. Devotees fast these days, feeding the girls. Kalash installs. There are many beliefs associated with Navratri and there is a religious and scientific reason behind all these beliefs. Learn about similar beliefs associated with Navratri. 

Why is Kanyapujan performed?

Little girls are considered to be the embodiment of the goddess. Girls between the ages of 2 to 10 are fed, donated, worshiped on Navratri. Young girls are considered to be the embodiment of different goddesses according to their age. 2 year old girls are called virgins. 3 year old girl Trimurti, 4 year old Kalyani, 5 year old Rohini, 6 year old Kalika, 7 year old Chandika, 8 year old Sambhavi, 9 year old Durga and 10 year old girl Subhadra.

Little girls don't have any bad feelings in their minds. He has love for all in his mind, so it is a tradition to worship him as a goddess in Navratri. Washing and worshiping the feet after feeding them in Navratri. Give to the south according to faith. Donate fruit and clothing. Resolve to respect girls and all women in worship.

Why does Navratri come at the twilight of seasons?
According to the Hindu calendar, there are four Navaratris in a year. Navratri begins at the twilight of the two seasons. Twilight is the time of completion of one season and arrival of another season. Two Navratri remain normal and two remain secret. The month of Chaitra and the month of Aso are considered to be the common Navratri. Navratri in Mah and Ashadh is a secret Navratri. Now is the time for the rainy season to go and winter is starting. We can avoid seasonal illnesses by taking precautionary measures regarding eating and drinking during Navratri.

Why is fasting done in Navratri?

During the twilight of the seasons, many people face problems like seasonal illnesses like cold-fever, abdominal pain, indigestion. In Ayurveda, there is a ritual called Langhan to prevent disease. Fasting according to this ritual can get rid of the disease.

Abstaining from food on Navratri does not cause indigestion. Eating fruit gives the body the energy it needs. The fruit is also easily digested. The daily routine of the devotees who worship the Goddess remains restrained, so that laziness does not come. Waking up early in the morning and doing pooja-paath, meditation keeps the mind calm. Stay away from anger and other bad thoughts.

Why is a kalash installed in Navratri?

Kalash is considered to be the symbol of Panchatattva. These five elements are sky, earth, water, air and fire. Kalash is made up of these five elements. Kalash is made by mixing water in clay. It is then dried in the air under the sky. Baked in fire. At the time of establishing the kalash, water is filled in it and all the tirthas and all the rivers are invoked in the water.

Any good deed requires worship of all these. Our body is also made up of Panchatattva. Panchatattva, Tirtha and rivers are worshiped in the form of Kalash. Lord Vishnu is believed to reside at the mouth of the Kalash, Shivaji in the throat and Brahmaji in the root. Kalash is established for the worship of these three together.

Why did Goddess Durga incarnate?

The goddess took the form of Durga to slay Mahishasur. This incarnation of Goddess is mentioned in Durga Saptashati. According to the story, an asura named Mahishasur took possession of the heavens and drove away all the gods from there. Mahish means buffalo. Mahishasur could take the form of a buffalo as he wished. He obtained the blessing by pleasing Brahmaji that no deity and demon could defeat him.
All the deities together could not face Mahishasur. Then they reached Shivaji and Vishnuji, but due to the blessing of Brahmaji, even Lord Shiva and Vishnu could not kill Mahishasur. Then Goddess Durga appeared with the radiance of all the gods.
Shiva's radiant mouth, Yamaraj's radiant hair, Vishnuji's hands, Moon's breasts, Sun's toes, Kubera's nose, Prajapati's teeth, Agni's three eyes, Sandhya's bhrukuti and Vayu's ears. Thus the gods gave their powers to the goddess. Lord Shivaji gave a trident. Agnidev provided his Shaktidevi. Lord Vishnu gifted Sudarshan Chakra, Varundev conch, Pavandev bow and arrow, Devraj Indra gifted Vajra bell, Yamaraj gifted Kaldand. Prajapati Dakshe crystal garland, Brahmaji Kamandal, Suryadev bestowed his own radiance. Samudradeva gifted ornaments. A never-before-seen wreath on the lake, Kuberadeva presented a honey-filled vessel, a lion to ride in the Himalayas. With these powers received by the gods, Durgaji killed Mahishasur. The goddess is called Mahishasurmardini because of the slaying of Mahishasur.

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