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India Corona update date 1-5-2020

India Corona update date 1-5-2020

Gujarat ranks second with more than 4,000 infected, all border seals connected with Delhi
"A lot of people work in Delhi and live in Haryana, this is Corona's career," the Haryana home minister said.
In 24 hours, 1801 cases of infection were reported, 630 were cured and 75 died

The country has so far infected 35,026 people and killed 1,159 people. On Friday, 60 patients in Andhra Pradesh, 37 in West Bengal, 33 in Rajasthan, 11 in Karnataka, 08 in Haryana, 4 in Orissa and 1 in Bihar reported positive. The number of infected people in Maharashtra has crossed 10 thousand. At the same time, more than 4000 people in Gujarat, which is in the second position, have come under the control of Corona.

Now Sikh pilgrims are falling prey to the Corona virus. This includes 148 pilgrims returning from Naded Hazur Sahib in Maharashtra.
Of the 148 Sikh pilgrims, 76 were found positive in Amritsar, 38 in Ludhiana and 10 in Mohali. A total of 3,500 pilgrims have reached Punjab from Nanded in the last three days.

Press conference of the Central Health Department

BSF is helping in all areas near the border: MHA
8888 patients have recovered in the country so far, 1147 people have died in the country due to corona so far: Ministry of Health
Corona kills 72 people in 24 hours, 564 patients recover in 24 hours, recovery rate continues to rise: Ministry of Health
More than 1900 cases of corona in 24 hours, recovery rate 25.37%: Ministry of Health
Trapped people in other states allowed to travel by train, supplies are on: MHA

Important updates

Goa government's decision - whoever does not wear a mask, will not be given petrol

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday called a high-level meeting to discuss the lockdown and the state of the Corona epidemic. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half.

The first special train carrying 1,200 laborers stranded in Telangana due to the lockdown has left for Jharkhand. The train will leave Lingampalli at 4.50 am and reach Hatia in Jharkhand at 11 pm. All necessary guidelines are being followed in sending these laborers.

Union Health Secretary Preeti Sood has written a letter to the Chief Secretaries of all the states informing them about the red, orange and green zones of Corona. 130 districts of the country are in red zone while 319 districts are in green zone. In which the hardening can be continued even after 3rd May. The recovery rate has risen, he said. Accordingly, zone wise are being distributed to districts in different areas.

Considering the danger of corona, Haryana has stopped vehicles coming from Delhi to its border at Gurugram border. Vehicles involved in the supply of government and essential goods are exempted. Recently, Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij said that the people up-and-down from Delhi are Corona's carriers. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will arrange for such people to stay in Delhi.
About 60 indigenous companies have been approved for the RT-PCR testing kit used in the investigation of Corona infection. Out of which 5 companies will make this kit, while 55 will import it from abroad.
Corona has died at Mumbai's Lilavati Hospital. This patient was undergoing treatment with plasma therapy. The first plasma therapy given to a 53-year-old corona infected person in Maharashtra has died. He died on April 29, but the CEO of Mumbai's Lilavati Hospital, Dr. Ravi Shankar gave this information on May 1.
In Naded, Maharashtra, 3 more pilgrims returning from Hazur were found to be positive
Another case of corona has been reported in Orissa, bringing the number of infected people in the state to 143.
All the borders with Delhi have been sealed since Thursday. Gurugram entry has also been banned from 10 am.


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